help need help! am having panic attack every day sometimes some people are not that strong
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Hi everyone, please don't judge me but when i speak from my heart i just say it all. currently I'm in a very bad phase right now , my parents and my family always believed in me they all love me support me like no one else ever will, so it's been 10 years being with my bf so it's been 6 years i told my mum n family that am dating this guy and everyone said okay what caste does he belong i said this n that but they said okay will try our best to convince everyone my friends family everyone liked the boy alot i was very i & him always been very supportive with each other i love him n i love my family that's the thing so once his family n he realised that it's a time to get married although me n my family weren't but we said okay then he told me that he belongs to certain category n he hid it bcz his parents never wanted him to reveal it to anyone am stuck between yes/no n having panic attacks everyday i have no idea i told him whatever it is how could he hid it from me it's unfair

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