help regarding depression
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Idk how to explain completely but since the last few months , Ive been feeling very depressed and just feel like crying almost everyday. I get stressed over small matter and no matter how much i try , I cant stop overthinking about even the smallest things. I am trying very hard to carry on with ny daily life but at this moment , I am drowned in a pool of suicidal thoughts. I have this habit of hurting myself physically whenever i get angry or stressed ( usually with sharp pointed objects such as a blade) . I cant even share this feeling with anyone because deep down I , myself feel like all I m doing is trying to gain sympathy which I know may not be true but I just cant convince myself that i m actually depressed. I am very close to my breaking point and ending things once and for all but the thought of my parents suffering because of me stops me from doing anything, also being a school student I dont have the mone

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