hey...I went through a breakup
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hey...I am 15...and I went through a breakup 1 month ago...I will let you in on what happened...she went to her village...and one night I was just texting her about how we could go on dates when she comes back to the city but...she was asleep and in the morning...her mom saw the message...and her mom is very overprotective and my ex gf used to love her mom and couldn't mess up the relationship with her because since she was 3 years old...my gf shifted to the city with her uncle and aunt and she goes to the vilage...back to her mother every year just for a month...and I heard from her friend that she had promised her mom she will never talk to me again and she blocked me....from everywhere and told her friend to tell me that she will not unblock again and that we need to move on....and I loved her...and it never felt like she didnt love me back...our relationship was stable...perfect...without a third person...we never even had much fights but all of a sudden this, is just...depressing

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