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Hi !! before i start writing i just want to notice that I don't have the best English in the world but i will do my best to write correctly my feeling right now. i have 27 years old and my first panic attaque was like 7 years ago at this time i was stressful person because i was passing my reset exams and i was scared of filling , at this period i was waiting the results I decided to do some sport activities to chill a little bit but that was the worst decision because my body was tried from the stress and after my session of sport i just pressed the botton of my first panic attack at this moments i thought it was the end that i am doing heart attack i never felt that feeling of scariness before and since that day 7years ago to this day i am scared from that feeling now i am avoiding freinds and family who really love me but i can not show them that i am weak now i feel that i am not men enough this is why i don't want to get married i don't want that my wife and kids see me as a losr

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