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I am feeling scared and always thinking of something negative is going to happen, I feel good thinking about the end of this world.. don't know why but I am not able to love this life.. I feel bad when I see cruelty of human being towards animals and the cleverness and hate for another human.. everyone just talking about money, success and want this on any value.. but no one is taking care of each other, not thinking of other's before doing anything wrong to them.. I am not able to love money and dont wanna run behind that although I am not rich and have a family to take care but still not able to live life as other's are living.. I am not saying I am a good human being but just not able to see everyone around me like this.. it's happening daily and increasing day after day and I am getting mad and can't breathe properly sometimes thinking about this.. it's moving me towards anxiety, depression and overthinking.. please suggest what should I do

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