hi, I am a a 6'1 inch tall guy with wide structure and rude looks, I am scared of everything around me.
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everyone easily judge me on my body and looks that I must be a guy who is not scared of anyone, must be rude and brave ( always get these comments from everyone) and because of this mindset of others i've started showing the same and started hiding my emotions.. but in reality I am kindhearted and a very emotional guy, I feel scared most of the times and have anxiety and depression all the times.. I take everything personal and get hurt when others get hurted even if I don't know them.. I talk too much to hide my pain and laugh like a stupid, I always failed in relationships coz of my anxiety and overthinking.. I have limited friend circle of 2-3 people but still I can't share these feelings with them coz I know they will either ignore me on this by giving a laugh or just start judging me on my looks and built are not matching with the guy I am in reality.. every small incident happening around me makes me feel anxious, i start overthinking and always think of dying, (words ended999)

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