hi I'm a girl and i had sex with a girl younger than me when I was in 5th grade
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When i was in 5th grade i had kind of sex with a young girl who was only in 2nd standard. We both had early exposure to porn and i got all that wrong. I didn't even knew about masturbation at that time neither that girl did be we did it unknowingly. And we both liked it then we both started doing such things daily until one day her mother saw both of us doing this and i left later her mother called my mother and told her about all this. Obviously I was older so her mother accused me only me and she said my daughter is too young to know about all this you must have spoied her, yes i did told her but it wasn't totally my fault i was a kid too i was even raped in 3rd standard that's why my mind was messed up i had no one to talk to but i feel so bad for that girl i might have harmed her mental health i don't know but i feel bad. She is my neighbour and i still couldn't face her i am in highschool now after years i still feel guilty about it.

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