hi..I'm not feeling right... please help me with this
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hi..I'm a student... basically from 1st yr I worked hard..and earned a name and entity in class a d among the teachers..they know me well..i stay in hostel..I have two room mates..so it's started from here..she continuously competing with me...not only in study..but in every thing..i scored good in exams..she feels jealous...she will even don't help me in studies (like im no able to find somthing..she found it..but will not tell..later in class I come to know)..i always answered in class..but if I couldn't have one information also..she will tell like "oh you don't know this!! " you should know no in a bit sarcastic way..i m feeling like everytime she wants to win a battle with me..apart from this..she will make herself clean and tidy but not the room..ever time I clean the room...if i am going to tell something about the cleaning..she will tell like " oh you started again.please stop" I'm feeling like am staying in a garbage. she will not replace the thing for days..what should I do!

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