hi, I rece
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hi, I recently lost my best friend I had known her for about 19 years and she was someone that always had my back she cared me in a way no one else could she was aware of my overthinking habit and always reassured me l, the things which I was scared to even say out loud felt easy to say when she was with me talking. It has been a month I can't seem to sleep and keep crying out of nowhere. She was someone that really wanted to live and accomplish things the worst thing it wasn't something we were aware about within 4 days everything went south and I lost her I really have this urge to just call and hear her voice and just talk to her as only she knew and stayed by my side at all times and now that I don't have her idk how to deal with it. I really feel like dying too not that I haven't tried before but the urge to do now has increased cause ik I don't have anyone like her in my life anymore.

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