Him, he is
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Him, he is on my mind. Let me tell y'all my story. I transferred to this school, and our exams were in 20 days, I just focused on studying even though I had seen him, I didn't take a big notice on him because I just had to study. After exams in tenth grade we became friends, had had a girlfriend her name starts with "M" everyone in my class used to tease me and so did I, my class fellow her name starts with "N" liked him a lot as well. He broke up with "M" and there was so sadness I didn't see it. We started, actually I started to tease him with "N" it was really fun ngl. A month or so went by, something happened like he flirted with me, so my 2 friends, and his friend teased us a couple of times and I umm started to like him. I didn't make it obvious but I obviously was starting to get reallyy shy, this was the first time I was feeling this I was not at all sure as well because how can this be it makes no sense. I hope this has part 2.

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