hopelessness from life and losing trust from family members
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I don't want to die...i just want to get disappeared. No new life or such cz I jv tried that multiple times...it didn't work for me. when I left the city for college in the hope of s new life...a less painful one...my faith in my father died.when I left the family home to live alone on rent...the faith on my brother died. new life doesn't work for me...i don't know why am O feeling this way today....i don't know.i want to go to therapy...it costs a lot plus earlier the experience wasn't that good. I want to scream....i want to.let it all out...i write i read I do...what I know I should...then why am I stil feeling the same way...why I can't sleep why I keep forgetting things,why I can't focus on my work,why do I always think of killing myself and why the hell I haven't killed myself yet

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