Hoping for better days , because all i can do is hope in these hopeless days...... 🥺
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I am not good at expressing my feelings but still i would like to try, I am 22 years old and lately I am stressed and worried, my father is extremely ill ( liver related disease) and my once happy family is not that happy anymore, my mother is visiting hospital and coming back exhausted and totally drained. She is always sad , always , she never smiles at me , she is not giving me proper time. whenever she talks she either scolds me or complains about how hard her life has become. I am recently having bad dreams and thoughts about my father's Health like the situation is worsening or he is leaving us forever( death). Each day I tend to think that will my family be happy again ?, I am becoming hopeless,I recently graduated, I have tomske my career but its not easy when everyday i am feeling hopeless and dejected. My heard my mom saying that being born as a girl is the biggest curse, she wants to be born as animal bur not human. Just saying that i am feeling the lowest at this time.

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