How should I get over differential treatment?
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Why do attractive people get so much special treatment!? While working on my seminar, despite all my efforts and progress and lal the questions I've answered correctly, I'm never appreciated. Instead, I'm told that it's not enough but my attractive friend does nothing, says that she's cannot do a seminar to the professor, says she's trying, does not answer questions correctly, and guess what happens! The professor does it for her. The professor sits next to her and explains everything!! But when I ask a doubt, I should go to the library and search! I say I've done that but couldn't find what he asked me to write and ask for any other books which will help me with the seminar. I'm told to download PDFs and search, they don't even tell me which books! Of I ask for the name of the book, I'm lazy and expect spoon feeding!! When anyone else is late by 5mins even if it's the college bus fault...we get marked absent but my friend comes late by 30 mins...yet no action is taken!!

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