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I am in 11th and my father has decided to change my school for jee preparation. the school which I will be going in takes a test before enrolling anyone for jee. I am done preparing for the test but till now the exam dates have not come. I see my other friends and classmates going to school and when they ask me which school I am going to? I start having anixiety and can't answer them properly. I also feel insecure because it has been so long since I have asked my father to appy for the exam. I confronted my dad about this and tried to go to my old school so atleast I will not feel insecure but no one in my family is helping me. mom is says that go to school but she is not helping me and also not letting me help myself, I pretty much ask my dad everyday about the exam date but he just says when they will come he will tell, it has been atleast a month and it's frustrating me. I did everything thing I could think of. I don't see a solution. can anyone give me advice?

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