how to get rid of overthinking? stress and anxiety? how to control my mood swings?
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Since childhood I feel very lonely and even I didn't have those many friends. I feel very anxiety in doing things all my colleagues are saying this.But it is my inbuilt character , I'm unable to change.Even for small small things I feel so sad and depressed. I want others to make me comfortable but they are busy with their schedules. At that time I felt very loneliness and even I blame for myself. so many thoughts are running in my mind such as., what is the use of ur birth?why u r still alive? if u die then nothing is going to change., no one cares about u, etc., like wise, I discourage myself. I don't know to whom to share my all feelings. If I'm sharing to my closed ones,later on they are criticizing me with the same reasons. So, pls suggest me, how to be confident in my own way? how to get rid of over thinking? stress, depression,anger and anxiety? how to control my mood swings?

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