How to handle coming marriage proposal
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hi all, I am 27.. and proposals are started to come for my marriage... but I am not mentally ready and even by physical appearance, if anyone see me..I look like 18- 19 year old how come I accept this proposals...I know my parents will ask my choice for sure .. but I really don't want to think about marriage for atleast 1 year... so how to handle I want one year to understand myself first, atleast increase my weight and all...but the question is what should I do with the pictures of girls that are coming in proposals... what reason should I give to postpone this all ... really tensed...and I can't tell about the anxiety stress and other factors which I am going through to parents as they will also get tensed and also I don't to spoil anyone's life by marrying them in this condition... sometimes I even think I don't want to get married at for all these...I want atleast 1 year...but can't tell this to parents'...what to do

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