How to move on?
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okay so few months back i was madly in love with this boy. I was totally obsessed while he never felt the same way. we came close we hve even fucked many time but all this time I was the one in love i was the one emotionally attached while he just liked me it was all just casual for him. we stopped talking suddenly i had some really depressing months i just used to cry but then he came back we again started talking again i was the one in love and obsessed with him while he JUST LIKED ME. but we had arguments and due to some family reasons we both know that we don't have future together. he again left. I had bad time but i was moving on from him. he came back and repeat. I don't know what should I do I'm helpless. My heart is so for him. I have never ever felt like this fir anyone. I just can't get over him. He is damn handsome but not a good person. He is an alcoholic jobless guy. but i still love him. please help him how can i get over him.

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