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me and my bestie are friends since childhood. we are like soulmates. I'm friendly so i talk to alot of people since school and she was always a timid person who didn't have many close frnds to talk to. We both used to talk for hours. It was only me for her and i was happy. Now after schl i dont have much people to talk to its just her but recently she got herself a guy frnd. The story is complicated but now they are good frnds and now she talk to him daily. sometimes when i text her she isn't available for me bcs she is busy talking to him. but she always text me back and talk to me later. but i HATE this feeling that i have to wait to talk to her. Like i get VERY jealous when she is online and talking to him and not me. I know im being selfish right now but i dont know how to share her with someone else. My possesive behavior is taking over me and I HATE IT. i wanna be normal and dont care if she is talking to him bcs i dont wanna become toxic but idk how to control my feelings.

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