hurt because of changing bond in friendship
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I had Many Frds In College 10 in my gang we all were very close I will Give u an ex: If Teacher puts any one from our gang out of the class all another 9 used to come out of the class....alwys Together During college we all had very Good Bonding. it has been 1 yr Completed with my studies , working in MNC and my Future plans ahead , even if i am Busy I call up them and ask How are u? But I cant see any efforts from Them.. when They are Free and Jobless They Call me, There is a Difference B/w Calling up when Ur Busy And Calling up when ur free, But In My case Those ppl Call me when They are Free. but I remember Those days All my 10 ppl jn gang We used to plan we all shd meet up on weekend and put a Conferene call and chit chat during Clg Days . but now after 1 yr eveeything is Opposite, I am Just in Touch with One or two from My gang , Rest Others are in thier own world, But I have understood Nt everyone are permanent In Life....i do Understand All are Busy But no one can be busy 24/7 it depens on Priority List. i Feel sad for sometime, remembering Those Old Gud Days , I feel i have to delete Contact Numbers , I see all My Frds being Online, But Text From None, if They have any reasons are Doubt Or any Help They Call Up... I Dont want to pic up, But Once we were all Bestii so No matter what Frd is Frd But they dont have same Mentality , I am confused Tht Shd i Keep Those them in my Life as Just a Classmates , or Just dissconnect and surround only with Ppl who Belive in my drms, Motivate me etc.....?

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