😭😭😭 I almost commit suicide plz help
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😭😭😭😭 guys I need help l am 29 years old lady, me and my husban we are 7 years in our marriage with two beautiful kids boy and girl. the matter is I got married to my husband without knowing her life and her past, I am saved and also he said he is saves we fellowship at the same church, cutting things short we never dated that's how we believe in our church. we got married then I found out that my husband had 4 children with 4 different women and also aborted 1, he apologized for not telling me, then I forgive him but he cheated on me one month after our wedding, he disrespected me going out and sleep with another woman. I forgive him several times but now he is till cheating. He is dating a bunch of 20 years girls. I told him I will never respect him bcz he is dating kids so he was angry and grab me on my chest pushing me towards the wall, but he is asking forgiveness. but use to do this and apologize after.Advice plz sorry for bad English

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