I am 15 and i....
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I am 15 and i am a lot dirty minded and that's not how my mom wants me to be .and in the place a live cursing is a big deal and someone recently caught me cursing and felt offended. it didn't feel good when i was told uncultured. i was not like this i was a good student who studied her best,and was in touch with God and didn't talk dirty .now i don't even believe ingodd that much i feel so bad.at this point talking DIRTY and getting inside jokes doesn't feel funnyi feel guilty and if i want to change back tothe old me.i don't think the pple around me will allow cuz they are gonna look at me when soemthing dirty come and i will laugh to not make them feel bad i am an introverted dirty minded person .i need to change myself to the old me and be a good person i have a lot of negative influence and i can't just cut them out of my life cuz of this as they are real pple and today someone heard me talking about sex and itz really embarrassing how should I change wht should i do to change

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