i am on a verge of break up
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i am on a verge of break up. My 8 year long boyfriend has decided he doesn't want me anymore. Reason- He needs to go to another city for 15 days every 3 months. During those 15 days he doesn't talk to me at all or hardly 5-10 minutes in 3-4 days. We keep fighting over it and finally he gave up saying he can't handle it anymore. He has also changed a lot after he started going to another city. Mainly because he has made a lot of new friends there and doesn't feel like he needs me. We were supposed to marry next year and now he is leaving me . After 8 long years, he has become like a habbit. I do love him alot. I know he is does not love me anymore and I will be ok in future without him. But right now it hurts alot. Can someone here relate? or has any advice how to move on. Thanks for listening.

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