I am stuck , feeling helpless and most alone person in whole world .. feeling like crying everything
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hello everyone ....I really want help . I am stuck . I don't know whom I approach to tell about my condition . I have nobody who understands me and my situation . things are becoming more and more harsh . I again fell in same cycle of anxiety and depression . my exams and important phase of my life is near ..it's too near ..but I can't do anything ..I am behaving like lifeless creature ... things are really complicated ..I can't help me anymore ..I can't sit and study anything. I have not covered my syllabus and not even try to do it .. it's not that I don't sit and try to study ..I do it but things are not happening that way ..I loses interest in study ..I can't focus ...I am so sad from inside ..I am feeling like broken from inside ...also I have lot of regret for everything ..I don't know what exactly i am suffering from ....for everybody I am well and everything is happening good for me but it's not that..I can't express myself in front of anybody ..I am mobile addiction and

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