I am tired
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I am tired. Tired of everything. I'm wishing for things that I know I can't have but nonetheless still do. I'm exhausted and I can't help it. I feel like I'm on an endless rollercoaster and this one right here has no buttons so it keeps going with no hopes of ever stoping and it's scary and confusing because I want it to stop I want all of it stop. what is life if it can't be lived. I keep on wishing I could forget everything I've seen heard, felt or even loved or I could just run away far away where no one knows me and start again on a new slate one that I can dictate but it won't be happening because life is that crueller and so I have to live with the guilt of being a burden all my life even on days when I'm not. it's exhausting for me to be perfect Infront of everyone when all I want to do is break to a million pieces and disappear somewhere they won't find me. I'm too young for this and I hate it but there's nothing to do other than fake it.

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