i broke up
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i broke up with my bf because i doesn't felt for him that way though i liked him a bit but i wasn't aware About how he actually he is ,our relationship it started with the peer pressure at starting i was very confused that actually in what way I'm heading off but i found that relationship with him is not possible just after a week. after that he narrated me that he feels agony, anguish and cheated because of what I did to him he also claimed that he was depressed and always use to make me feel guilty i thought that he will understand that things like that are affecting me , i use to litsen him every time I tried to provide him support as much as I could but it only detoriated , i can't pretend to be her friend so should I stop talking to him because this is affecting me also , i always think that I'm the culprit who did this to him by not loving him the way he expected me.

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