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I can't book appointments cause I m not financially independent and I m a student. I suffering from disease and because of it my school life I had drop out in 11 th now I'm in 12 th. but.. my friends are gone I feel like left out and all. because of this disease I have rashes all over it hurts­čą║ even when I m laying in bed my rushed skin gets or should I say sticks with bedsheets and blood starts I have been taking medicines for 4 yrs and have locked up in house so. now I don't have confidence in going outside and I m scared to go and even if I want to go my family won't allow it cause you know I have disease so my immune system weak than normal people so they don't allow me to go outside because of Corona. in this disease skin rash is just a part of it. actually I don't like taking medicines. it's not that it's bitter or something I can swallow them easily but I ..... m ..... just tired .. u know taking medicines in morning,noon and night and you have 'to' eat cause of meds

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