I don't even know.
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I just need to get this out so recently I fought with my bsf.well we didn't literally fight we just stopped talking and made it pretty obvious that we hated each other.no one rly did anything. she just decided one day that she didn't want to be my friend anymore and she's done this before and I used to go and beg her to tell me what's wrong and apologize and shit.well this time I didn't and she got mad abt that.well we haven't talked in like a month and I've moved on from her. it was easy because she was horrible to me.the bad news is that she was in my bus back home from school so I had to see her every morning and evening which I rly don't have the capacity for.so after alot of begging my mom finally let me change my bus to another one which my friend was in.well this one was a little far away so she had to pick me up.everything was good and I finally felt secure but now mom has to go to her office 3 days a week and can't pick me up.now I have to switch back and suffer everyday.

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