i feel very heartbroken
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i feel very sad. yesterday i uad fast for janmashtami and at night i fot my periods, i had donr krishna ji seva after that ny periods came. my bf has started working so he is busy all the tym now.he goes for night shift and iys been more than 1 month since we have met. and everytime we make plan he csncels it somwthing comes up eferytime for him. i asked him he told me that once j said him somwthibg during our fight about us getting physical and that thing is still in his mind and everytime we think of meeting it gets in his head. even tho i jave said sorry idk whne will he meet me. once he told me that he will go with me on janhnashtmj to iskcon temple. today he called me said he is in iskcon with his friend. i felt so sad i had thoughg he willo witb me but he has gone witb his friend and told me ki hnara pehle se hi plan bn rkha tha or tujhe periods h mandir kaise aati. i felt so heartbroken at that time and now he is talking lile it was ny fault

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