I flirted w another person and my boyfriend is acting so different now. also I don't wanna break up
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first of all hi everyone! I was doing some research and I came across this app. I hope i can get some help here. I am in a long distance relationship. 2 months ago I confessed to my boyfriend that I flirted(over text only)w 2 guys once. we were kinda going thru a rough patch in our relationship so I got distracted and made this huge blunder. I know I did wrong and i apologised to him a lot of times. at that time we kinda broke up(more like I broke up) but we again got back together in order to fix things. but ever since we got back he's really different now. ik I messed up n he's insecure about me. he's kind of controlling and took my passwords n he keeps telling me to not chat with unnecessary people who don't matter to u. I understand his pov but still. he kinda threatens me saying if u keep being like this I'll break up. he wasn't like this before. how do I make him feel safe again? ik it's not something that will be fixed overnight but it's annoying sometimes n I get impatient

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