i have a big exam in 16 days so please help me to get up
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Hiii I hope you don't get bored reading this ridiculous of mine. i have a big exam in 16 day and ive been studying for this like 1 year and these days i am so depressed (im always unmotivated) and i have no self confidence and no braveness right now. I always lie about myself. I had a aim for these exam i still have actually but im not believe in myself i never did. We had a lot of quizes past 2 weeks for getting ready for this exam and and i got lower points even i really study so hard(ive never been studying so hard and motivational like this right now im pushing myself to study unfortunently) and besides ive lost so many friends because they were fake friends to me and my family think they are supporting me but noone has been. i am feeling so low right now. before i lost my fake friends i felt loved and happy even ive had bad grades sometimes i had some motivation but right now i don't have so, help me please

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