I know you love me but do you love me do it I love you
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I feel so lonely and sad all the time, my husband cheated on me 5 years ago.when i found out we broke up for 1 yr I/2. he work his way up to earn to get with me back.. part of me didnt want to but i did n decided to give himma chance...hevwas ok for about month then he started to turn back to himself...and here goes the drama.....I am not over it and I don't trust him at all. .he hurt me so bad, ive gotten so insecure . every person he looks at I get jealous. We have no communication, barely have sex, you sleep in the same bed and he doesn't even hold me I can't remember what his arms feels like wrap around on me. I tell him how I feel me act like you don't hear me I ask you a question he get mad when you answer me or he'll turn the music up or even give me a silent treatment mostly it's a silent treatment all day all night long unless he wants something sometimes I feel like he's on here because he's comfortable here and that you don't have to do anything because I take care of him.

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