I'm so paranoid cuz of this I can't even enjoy the things I used to love it's honestly sad.
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I was sexually harassed by my step dad multiple times, he doesn't live with us anymore and it's been a year now but it has honestly destroyed me, I'm so anxious all the time cuz I feel like he'll show up out of nowhere cuz that's what happened last time, my mom had assured me that I was hallucinating and it won't happen, she even told him to sleep downstairs but it happened again when she wasn't home and I was sleeping, I woke up and he kept telling me not to tell my mom and kept patting my head, I was shaking so bad, I was so scared but he kept patting my head and I got so fucking angry I jerked his hand away and told him to go, he stepped back but kept telling me to not tell my mom, I was like ok go, so he went away, he came later to tell me again to not tell my mom, I was like ok, go, he went and I locked the door, the only thing I kept thinking was not again pls I have to go through all of it again, finally when I thought it was over I'm back to were i once was.

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