I'm toxic.
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I'm toxic.....I toxicated myself... I'm trying to become the worst version of myself....ik struck and I don't wanna move on... feels like I've been in this phase for all my life...even if I try to look back all I see is this depression,anxiety whatever it is...and it also feels like this is my life this how I lived and I have to live.....if I'm trying to be happy it's hurting me a lot... I got used to the pain and it isn't hurting me...but it's hurting a lot when I'm trying to get back to my life and trying to be happy... this toxic me is feeling better than the normal me.... coz it's not hurting me even though I'm hurting others by being this way..... maybe I'm crazy..... I've never been a toxic person in my life to anyone... been honest in any kind of relationships....but recent things or situations changed me like this I had to force myself to be like this and now I can't back and also feels like I don't wanna go back....

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