I'm very bad with socializing
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I was never diagnosed with anything, mainly because we can't really afford to get a therapist. I feel bad for myself. I get panic attacks for the smallest reasons. I once got a panic attack when I was asked to run errands for the first time. I've never gone far away from my house alone. I always depended on others when it comes to making social interactions as simple as paying for the bus fare. I've always found interacting with new people terrifying, so I barely interacted with people unless it's really necessary, just cause I didn't want to risk embarassing myself. I know that the strangers I encounter outside everyday couldn't careless about the way I walked, or the way I looked, but I was never able to get over the fear of being judge. I know I don't have to force myself to be social, but being so alone hurts. Cause even my own family doesn't know how to empathize with me.

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