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Today I had a fight with my friend and I feel like I was too mean. My friend 'babysits' her cousin's baby very often when her mother is at work. I get why it is fustrating since they are just pushing the 5 years old on her instead. I really love the little girl but she's a brat. often when we go out she will bring the little girl (i will call her amy) Amy along and I am the one who mostly watches over her at that. I am very careful with children too but my friends puts 0 effort when i am around. Here is the issue we are planning to go out soon and it was just supposed to be us two only and we have not meet in a while so I was excited until she said Amy would come along. Now I wanted to go at this new place which I knew Amy wouldnt like. I asked my friend about it and she said she would pick Amy up that day too because Amy wanted to come. I told her to just tell her no or we wouldnt go and my bff got mad at me. I said I am not going to take care of a spoiled brat when I want to just+

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