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I'm a girl xD chose a wrong profile though, well it's 6 am in the morning and I cant sleep , I got into a fight with my bf , so basically I was helping a friend of mine who is mh bf's friends gf, so I shared things with her what my bf and his are talking about as I was trying to help ,later on she send screenshots to his bf and he shared it with mine ,it was nthg much though ,my bf got mad and started saying that I hired it from him I should've told him about me sharing stuff with her , he started being vulgar and used bad language and said thank God now ik your real face , I said its not like that but he said no he needs proves and everything as he doesn't trust's me while ik I did nthg wrong, in between my friend said that she has to tell me something about my bf and that he was hiding something so we started fighting on that and he said that u are making this up by yourself ,but It aint like that , what should I do now

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