i need help
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shitttttt idk how to describe this but this is definitely something that bothers me alottt. okay so i have 2 close friends let's call them a and b . so a is a boy who had a crush on b (girl) . i have been friends with a since 3 years and known him for 10 and we are very close. i have known b for 5 months. so it has happened multiple times. b and a both have proved alotttttt of times that they both care for me . like i even stopped talking to them for a while and both of them were genuinely concerned . ik that a cares for me , ik that b cares for me she has shown it through alott of her actions . but i think b had a crush on a too a few months back . so the problem is i get jealous when both of them talk. if we are in a group it's okay. but when they talk to each other (without me) idk why i feel left out. i even have other friends ( not as close ) so i have no reason to feel that way. whyyyy do i feel anxious and jealous when they both talk to each other

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