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i m 23 year guy...So basically what happenes with me, when some of my friend plana for something.. but without knowing it ,my mind tells me to not to get idk why...and if i got with them, i ll feel leftover , and actually they don't make me feel leftover, but my inner sense feels leftover i feel like they are not my friends, i don't feel any personal connection with them, i have 2 elder sister and i used to live with them maybe that's why sometimes i feel some connections with female friend but somewhere in my mind there is different image of friendship idk i can't explain it here, and m not full fill my that image , so i feel this not friendship..neither i can talk on this topic with them it makes me uncomfortable to talk on this topic with them. usually what happens i open up with some girl-frnds on chat like normal chat, but i m not able to talk face to face..i m not able to fo 1st move just for talk..i m so depressed because of this things...there are so so many things..tht i didn

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