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I said I would never loose My virginity until I find the right person (of course I knew what was right for me) I met him he was my perfect match we dated for 1 and half year we were in love of course and I decided to give it my all despite knowing that ethnic and religious differences can be a barrier for us, but we were ready for it, had sex the first night and it was an experience I would never forget cos I never allowed anyone to defile or mess up with me, I was a strict girl who would never give chance to anyone to mess up with them. we had a fight and yeah I pushed him too far now he's saying a whole lot to my face, like I'm a slot, a prostitute, and a big flirt. words don't get to me but this one is tearing me down, I feel like I can only be fine by suicide since I can't have my virginity back.

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