I've recently gone from depression to numbness and existential crisis
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I've recently been able to beat a 9 month long and severe depression, which is obviously a great thing but now I just feel completely numb and like I have no purpose, like I'm unable to make anyone's lifes better as my bad thinking ways start to get stronger. And then there's the existential crisises that I have. "Who am I?", "Who was I?", "What part of me where people able to like?" And "Why should I even keep trying to be great or happy?" All of the questions make my days painful and have made me be unable to chat with some friends (ones who I was unable to chat to due to my depression too) and now I just wonder if I should leave the internet and then behind, not being able to add anything great to their lifes as my personality parts are already done by other people and far better

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