I want to calm my social anxiety
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- I just want to act "normal" in front of people but I don't know how... - I can't even talk to my parents, my teachers, my classmates... I only feel comfortable with my sisters... and sometimes with children and animals... - when i try to make an effort... i always end up doing something stupid in public... -when I walk in public I pay attention to how I walk because I feel like everyone is watching me... -sometimes it annoys me when people try to get me to speak in public... -i'm sure everyone thinks i'm rude...i don't talk to anyone and my face never shows an expression...i never laugh at other people's jokes... -I sometimes feel embarrassed because I cry when teachers yell at me or ask me to speak loudly... they always tell me: that" I don't respect them" -during conversations my voice stops coming out (???) -I don't like being in public but I don't like being alone either. -Sometimes I cry because I find myself pathetic -I'm boring...

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