I want to move on from one sided love. 😰
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I like my friend a lot. But I know he is not good for me in any ways. He I believe is insensitive and narcissist. In pandemic we did not met physically. On vertual mode we met and I got attached to him a lot. since I am an introvert and he being an talkative person, I could felt an connection with him. After 1.5 year when we met I could feel he enjoys many other female company and not just me. In our work related things I have helped him alot, so he helps me in those ways but when it comes to hanging out and chilling I am nowhere. It makes me feel so worse and left out.😓 I don't know what went wrong between us? I feel so much about him but why I am not there with him? I feel better in day time. But thing get worse at night and always keep missing him. I feel anxiety and it felts like I cannot move on from this stuck feeling. I know I deserve someone who is good as a person and I really want to move on. But here i am stuck in this situation where he is not going out of my mind.

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