Idk since when I started to believe I'm ugly
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idk since when I started thinking that I'm ugly. That I'm too thin and I don't have a good face. I miss those days when I never used to care abt what people think of me what I look like. I always used to be SO DAMN CONFIDENTšŸ˜­. I used to think that I'm beautiful I'm sweet and not a bad person. Now sometimes I blame myself for everything. I blame my lifestyle my friend circle my looks that I don't have friends. I blame all these things and make myself believe that these are the only reasons people don't wanna know me and dont wanna hang out with me. I stopped eating I don't workout anymore I don't hangout with anyone. I sleep all day crying every single day. blaming my looks. I also started smoking because of this! Ahh EVERYTHING SUCKS!

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