in a complicated relationship
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5-6 years ago i was in a relationship . later i found that he is already married at early age at that time i felt like everything is finished for me i was too much in love with him or may be that was first time i felt so in love with someone . i was in my graduation first year my first year had completed when i got know about his marriage than i stopped to go to college than i went there for my secobd year exams. his wife came to college and insulted me in front of approx 100 students as i already lost my confidence and depressed i did not able to say anything ,then another incident a boy came to me and told me that teacher is asking for you in room no. ....... when i went there no one is there boy came and tried to do bad things with me but thankfully someone came whom i called brother and helped me i was just lost my consciousness so many things happened there and the boy i loved never came to help me he was living his life comfortably i was the only one who is tortured and insulted by everyone even i was not wrong i just loved someone deeply . still those bad things always bother me i usually got 3-4 panic attacks in a day , there is no one who can understand me what i m actually going through. indian parents never take mental health issues seriously i don't know what to do

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