insecure about relationship
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I'm 20 years old... (In my clg there is a boy studies in my batch...he is my good friend...i have known him for 1 year... Before lockdown in clg campus we used to spend times alone... He says that he likes to spend time with me but sometimes he likes some spice in it). he has told me that he wants to date me... We were chatting in wp... He asked me for physical relationship without falling in love... I told him that this is impossible for me as i don't want frnd with benifits & these feeling "love" is very spcl to me. Then i told him that at first i want to know u... & Then we'll step forward... After listening these he said that he is agreed & he told me that we will go ahead in my way... So he has told me to let's get to know each other & has told me to wait till the clg opens. But after this proposal he hasn't messaged me again in wp... It looks like he hasn't any interest in me... though he is not so active in wp... But now i can't understand what to do... & does he really have some real feeling for me or it's only physical attraction ?!

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