insecure about relationship because partner is showing consistent cheating pattern
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I'm in a relationship for the last 4 years. Initially after we got committed, he got busy with his works, and gave less time for me. There will be no calls or msgs from mrng 8 to night 9 or 10 may be. I felt it really weird. Whenever I asked him he used to say, he is busy at work or travelling to workplaces which are at different locations. I understood. he never lets me use his phone saying he doesn't likes others read his msgs. I didn't compel him to show. On one day I got a chance to sneak into his mob and found many chats with girls (strangers on insta and fb and tinder). I caught him guilty. He immediately regretted and promised me he won't repeat it again. And to prove that he kept visiting me every other day from then on. I started believing him again. Later, he promised me had deactivated all his social media accounts and he's not using it. But after few months, I found out that he has blocked me in all those apps and talking to those girls again. Again the same apologies event happened. He then shares all his passwords to me. I kept on monitored his activities. During the lockdown, even though he knows I'm using his account, he repeated the same thing again. We had a huge fight again and since there's an inseparable bond betwn us, we patched up again. I know wt I did is wrong, I shouldn't have given him any chances or excuses. We are still together.. we are planning our future together.. Investments, future goals n other things. But he still doesn't gives time for me. He refuses to give me his phone. He talks closely to girls at his office. They know he's committed but still they hug him and always stay close to him. Idk wt might happen in future. Every other girl he talks to , I terribly feel insecure. Idk if I should marry him or leave him. I can't be without him but I can't live with him if he's not changed. What should I do

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