insecurity in relationship
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I am in a very committed relationship for the last 4 years with a brilliant man who is honest, dedicated and passionate. I never thought love and relationships can be so beautiful. He loves photography and his newest interest is in nude photography of women. He things this as an art and nothing more. But I can't stand the thought that perhaps he find other women more fascinating. I cannot compete with them and I don't want to. I think he would think that I am not beautiful enough. But he says I don't need to be perfect , he loves me for who I am. But this made me feel like as if I am not perfect in his eyes. I want some one who thinks I am perfect. I argued if this is an art let me model (nude) for another photographer to see how it really works but he is absolutely against it and says he can't stand someone else seeing me naked. He doesn't even want to end our relation. He wants me to accept it and thinks it as a silly reason to break up. But it is disturbing my peace. I don't want him to sacrifice anything for me.

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