intrusive thoughts about sexuality, anxiety and emotional triggers
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Hey So this a very weird problem that I am facing from past a month. I am dealing with intrusive thoughts.I receive weird thoughts. Initially there wws a thought that I will turn into a lesbo in coming years and it was so distressing so disgusting that I couldn't even resist the thoughts.I am straight and I know this for like 500% sure.I have no doubts about my sexuality but then these thoughts are so disturbing and so frustating that I would die. Then few day back sushant's singh Rajput suicide note again triggered my emotions and stuff. I was so scared and I started receiving thoughts that in future even I would committ something like this.And now I am crying the whole day long. I don't know how to control this anxiety and why are my emotions triggering a lot even thought there is nothing relatable that I find in them.

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