is there any end of fighting with depression
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hello, will this fight with depression end someday or will be there till last isse ldte ldte bahut baar har Maan lene ka mn hota depression se ldkr bhi kya fayda . for example...9-12 th class me I was indirectly bullied mentally due to reason that being a boy, I act like girls, jiski wjh se my confidence is gone down the uski wjh se maine khud ko hr competition se dur kr liya hai..jisse na competition hoga na meri need..for example..jb office me sb group bnakr chlte hai in lunch, I unintentionally separate myself and come towards the last so that mai involve hi na hou..I gues school me us bullying se bchne ke liye jo tarika mind ne chuna wo ab nature bn gya hai..likr my mind keep telling myself that mere hone se ya na hone se koi fark nhi except my family..I know ki isse fight karni padegi..kbhi kbhi lgta hai koi ek aisa friend bn pata jise ye sb pta 99% people have to that one childhood friend...and I don't have that .so sometimes I want to lose

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