issues in friendship due to romantic relationship
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I used to talk to a friend of mine , we were quite good friends right from the start , we used to talk daily , be it in person on school hours , texts , or call.. she had recently had a break up and always used to overthink about it think of him ... I always tried to calm her down and these instances had become a common thing , over time , we grew really close really close , and as obvious, started liking each other , we even confessed at one point but due to some circumstances , we decided not to go beyond friendship level , we used to meet and talk daily , for hours and hang around. However , One day , she informed me that she along with her parents , were shifting somewhere else due to her family matters and thus consequently.. ..there came up a halt in our bond ..but we promised each other to remain in touch and not forget to inform the other about our daily lives and remain in touch with each other. For months things were going well and we again , just like other times , used to talk daily, for minutes , hours and didnt see the time. Amidst this , one day , she informed me she had come across her ex bf ...yes. ex bf out of nowhere .. and everything about him had started playing in her mind all over again..and she felt something for him. I couldnt complain ..this had nothing to do with me , not like we were dating as we agreed to stay friends ,but she still felt sorry for me , cause she knew what was going on between her and myself , I accepted everything and was unwillingly fine with her being with him. This went on for months , I used to get frustrated but said nothing on it cause I knew itd do nothing but ruin even our small friendship that we had.. This continued for months , and we still remain in fairly good contact ..and after some months ,for whatever reason, she started distancing herself from me , started making excuses of being busy , first for days , then weeks , then months , I knew what was going on.. she was deliberately making excuses but trying to prove that she was busy and not even having 1 sec out of weeks and months to just contact me or even look at my messages to inform about her well being , and one day .. she completely deserted me. I tried to contact her , but she had changed her number and I was blocked from all the contacts with her .. have not heard from her since .. Im not able to get rid of her off my mind...she was really really close to me .I loved her.., I used to cry at times for her .. Those thoughts still run in my mind at times and create a havoc silently .. what should I do? How do I get rid of those thoughts , those memories? How do I get rid of her and those thoughts?

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